ORIENT ARCADIA (オリエント·アルカディア) | New Mobile Game Trailer + Download Link

ORIENT ARCADIA (オリエント·アルカディア) | New Mobile Game Trailer + Download Link

Up to 30 consecutive gachas are free after release in the advance reservation campaign! In addition, you will receive one SSR!
* Please check the official website for details.

In the distant past, the black dragon and the white dragon created a vast and mysterious eastern continent after thousands of years of struggle.
Nine relics with powerful power appear on the continent, and it is said that the power is enough to rule the world.
Behind the battle for relics, the black dragon plots a plot. Will Orient Arcadia fall into darkness again?
Only you can save the world now.

And you who came from another world are not only the owner of the castle but also the one who has the relics.
Then a long journey in search of the remaining relics. You will experience enemy traps, experience mysterious events, and gradually get closer to the reason and truth of coming to another world.

But this is by no means an adventure alone.
You can tame a mysterious oriental beast, and even a panda can become your spirit beast.
In addition, like-minded friends are waiting for you at the end of the road. They can master various weapons such as flutes, puppets, and umbrellas, and they all have special skills and can control the weather. With your cooperation, they will awaken more power and challenge the strong enemy together!
All heroes can grow into UR. Your party can eventually be organized into the strongest party, and the heroes will fight together until the end!

Let’s go on an adventure in the Orient!

◆ “Orient Arcadia” art advisor
Yusuke Naora’s
representative work
“Final Fantasy” series
“Sengoku IXA” series

◆ “Orient Arcadia” music producer
Tetsuya Shibata’s
representative work
“Monster Hunter” series
“Devil May Cry series” series
“Final Fantasy” “XV” series

Yoshino Aoki’s
representative work
“Final Fantasy XV”
“Breath of Fire series”
“Rockman Exe”

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